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May 26 2007 

See Phasic play live in June

Phasic will be playing live at 2 events in May
The first event is My Sakes at Djangos Riff, Wood St., Liverpool on Thursady 7th June. For more information, click here.
The second event is at the close of the Moves '07 festival, in Manchester, where Hippocamp are taking over the Contact Theatre in Manchester on Saturday 16th June. For more details, see here.

February 20 2007 

Digital download update

'Many Simple Systems' is now also available via iTunes

January 14 2007 

'Many Simple Systems' now available via digital download

Phasic's debut album 'Many Simple Systems' is now out of stock on CD, but due to demand, it is now available via digital download at IndieStore.

The album can be downloaded as a bundle, or individual tracks can be purchased separately.

Click the image below to preview and buy the album.

Buy our tracks from

July 20 2006 

Phasic playing at Futuresonic Festival, Manchester

Phasic will be playing live at the 2nd STFU event in Manchester, this time as part of the Futuresonic 06 festival.
venue : Common, 3pm - 8pm, free entry.
Sorry for the short notice, but this has only just been confirmed.

July 12 2006 

Afterglow Remixes EP released

a new Phasic release - Afterglow Remixes EP - is available as a free download at

The EP features a previously unreleased Phasic track, as well as 7 excellent remixes by various artists.

June 13 2006 

New Phasic track

After a short break, Phasic is back with a new track.
The new release at is a compilation of tracks by various artists, including Phasic, which are all based around the same set of samples.
This free MP3 release is available for download here

There will be another new Phasic EP out soon, so watch this space...

February 11 2006 

Mellowtone presents Mellowtronica

Phasic will be playing a downtempo live set at the Mellowtronica night, on thurdsay 16th February at the View Two gallery, Mathew Street, Liverpool. For more details, and to see the full line up, click on the e-flyer below.

January 07 2006 

1st Phasic performance of 2006.

Most Significant Byte is a charity event being held at The Southern, Chorlton, Manchester, next Saturday.

There is a stunning line-up for this event, with DJs, VJs, and live electronics. Click the flyer below for more details.

December 14 2005 

Phasic Live Date.

On 19/12/05, head over to Korova Bar, on Wood St., Liverpool to see Phasic VJing and performing live.

October 07 2005 

The STFU site is now live.

Following the excellent STFU '05 in Manchester, and with the next STFU coming up in Glasgow, the STFU website is now live at
Check here for details of an STFU event coming to an area near you.

October 05 2005 

3 live Phasic performances have now been confirmed.

The first at the Module night in Liverpool, is at Las Vegas (near Lime Street station), on Wed. 19th October.

The second is part the second STFU event, this time in Glasgow. Phasic will be performing & VJing on day 2 (Sat. 12th November) of this 3 day event.

Finally, Phasic will be performing & VJing at Most Significant Byte in Chorlton, Manchester (Sat. 14th January 2006).
All proceeds from this event will be donated to Medicins Sans Frontiers.

Click on the Flyers below for more details.

July 29 2005 

a new Podcast is in the Music section :

HippoCast 1 - A selection of quality tracks from the Hippocamp net label.

July 23 2005 

Phasic Podcasts are now available in the Music section.

July 18 2005 

'Strange Communications EP' is released today!

This 4 tracks EP can be downloaded for free at

May 26 2005 

Phasic will be playing live and VJing at STFU05, on 18th June.
STFU05 is a day long gathering of European electronic artists at The Font, New Wakefield St. Manchester (2pm-2am).
The lineup is :

bla, unknown forces, bsr, autistici, mookid, special brew 1.2, nq, deer, zanf, mormo, calika, phasic, ochre, quip, & soft

for more info check out the web flyer

May 3 2005 

Lithuanian based radio station Mishkas has an mp3 mix available containing 3 Phasic tracks.
The set can be streamed direct from the Mishkas site, or downloaded here

April 28 2005 

The BBC Radio 1 featured track 'Untitled15' is no longer available on the BBC website.
The track can now be downloaded here

April 27 2005 

On Saturday 30th of April Phasic will be DJing and playing live at Boodha@Cali (The Caledonia), Catherine St, Liverpool, alongside ArD and Sanagi. The night runs from 7 to 11pm.

March 30 2005 

Phasic will be playing live at Liverpool's new electronica night 'The Monday Module', at The Magnet, Monday 4th April.
For more details, see the flyer

March 11 2005 

The unreleased Phasic track 'Untitled15' was played on the BBC Radio 1 OneMusic show by Rob Da Bank.
The track is also available for download from the OneMusic website
Click here to hear a short clip from the show.

February 14 2005 

The SWALK event was excellent, and raised over 4000 for Unicef. The Hive collective ran the PA in the bar with live sets from Phasic, Zoda, and Global Goon.

February 7 2005 

The links to Phasic's live set have changed due to a revamp taking place on
The set can now be downloaded at

2 Phasic tracks released on the Hippocamp 100 compilation can also be downloaded here and here.

February 4 2005 

Phasic will be playing with the Hive Collective at a charity gig in Liverpool, Sunday 13 February. See here for more details.

November 25 2004 

Phasic will be playing live at HCGreen on December 1st 2004.
HCGreen will be at the Green Room, Whitworth St West, Manchester (opposite the Ritz).
See for more details.

October 20 2004 

2 reviews of 'Many Simple Systems' are now online at, and electronicmusicworld

October 11 2004 

The 'Many Simple Systems' Album is now available to buy. 
Click here to preview the tracks and buy the CD.

October 07 2004 
The 'Many Simple Systems' Album is now being pressed, and will be available to buy from Monday 11th October. 

September 07 2004 
A Phasic track (Jibbon Point) was in the August net-label top 10 at .  

July 28 2004 
Light Engineering EP released on Hippocamp (release HC079).   
5 tracks of melodic electronica and glitchy beats  - preview and download here.  See the reviews section for comments on this EP.

July 06 2004

The entire live set from Hive has now been released online at  Hippocamp (release HC067).
Preview and download here.

May 27 2004

Some MP3s and photos from Phasic's set at Hive have been uploaded - check the Music section.
The review from Future Music magazine has also been uploaded  (also in the Music section).   

May 26 2004

The gig at  Hive went pretty smoothly, and it seemed to go down well. Recordings of the set will be uploaded  soon, as well as some pictures.   
The set was perfomed using custom MIDI controlled software (see screenshot).
The other acts on the night were excellent, culminating in an excellent set by Portable ( / ).   

April 21 2004

Quite a busy month! Phasic has been booked for a live set at Hive (FACT Centre, Liverpool - see links) at the end of May, and is also going to have a review and a track on the cover CD of Future Music magazine in the same month.   

March 12, 2004  

Phasic MultiShaper updated to version 1.1 (beta) - now works in FruityLoops Studio 4, and doesn't freeze when previewing in CoolEdit and SoundForge.   
2 new FX added - DCOffsetKiller - a DC Offset filter for removing DC Offset from audio, and DegradeFX - a Sample Rate Reducer & Fractional Bit Crusher effect.   

March 11, 2004

Uploaded 1 new VST Effect plugin - Phasic MultiShaper - see the Software section.   

March 10, 2004

Uploaded 2 new music tracks in the last few weeks - (Untitled_3 (AcidJam Edit and BrokenCircuits (Live Mix)). 
See the Music page for more details. 

February 17, 2004

Phasic's first free VST Effects plugin is now available - see the Software section.